2. Parental Grief Support

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Bereaved Families of Ontario, South Central Region is the the only local resource whose primary mandate is to provide bereavement services to families. The programs we deliver are designed to help families deal with all aspects of grieving. The  variety of opportunities for families provides guidance, education and support.

These groups are led by facilitators who are themselves bereaved parents and have been trained under the guidance of professionals. They have experienced many of the same feelings of grief, pain and loss and are now giving back to others because it has meant so much to them. They have been on the same journey, learning to live with grief, and know that there is hope and a life yet to live.

You will have a chance to hear stories, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, and share experiences and feelings with others who are also on this same journey. It is a safe place to share your story. You realize very quickly that you are not the only person going through this sad and difficult experience and that you are not alone. There is a mirror of hope. Often, long-term friendships develop with those with whom you share a common bond. They understand.

Topics of discussion may include: introduction/life story, funeral, picture night, coping styles, relationship with spouse or partner, other children, anger/guilt, extended family relationships, keeping the memories alive, emotional unrest, and support/belief system. Discussions within the groups are kept confidential.

 Participant Feedback:

"It hurt so much that I cried all the time... I felt like there was a big hole, and I couldn't imagine how anything could fill it... but at BFO I was able to say my son's name and not feel uncomfortable about it, or see others be uncomfortable..."

"My decision to attend a Dad's groupat BFO proved to be a very helpful step. BFO allowed me to process my grief experience... and to connectwith other dads who understood the darkness and the life trauma that I was facing...."

 Please contact the office at (905) 318-0070 to register for the next available group.



Facilitator Trining
November 18, 2017 at 9:00AM until November 25, 2017 at 4:00PM at 300 Fennell Ave. East, Suite 2B, Hamilton
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